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We keep you in the air with ZUFALL flexible spare parts logistic solutions for the aerospace industry – worldwide.

The maintenance of global supply chains and the mobility of people around the world are crucially dependent on the functioning of air transport. Experienced maintenance companies from and for airlines are in operation 24/7 all year round to ensure the functionality of the

aircrafts. These actors and players need highly specialised logistics to ensure a just-in-time supply of aviation spare parts for their successful work.

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Engine Transport direct to the airfield

At ZUFALL aerospace global logistics, our aviation and space logistics experts work from the conveniently located Düsseldorf Airport to ensure that urgently needed spare parts – from small screws to complete engines – are delivered reliably and quickly to the site of operation worldwide – whether directly to the tarmac as part of an aircraft on ground (AOG) scenario or to the hangar as part of regular maintenance intervals. These services are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

We at ZUFALL logistics group can manage almost the entire supply chain for our customers in a one-stop-shop concept. We proudly look back on more than 90 years of logistics experience and our own corporate network of air freight, customs, land transportation and over-night services, as well as our regional and global network partners.


Engine Transport

Motor- & Triebwerktransport



Express / Aircraft On Ground (AOG) Service

The quickest solution for very urgent shipments.

Critical Service

Preferred solution for semi-urgent shipments.

Standard Service

Best solution for standard shipments.

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Head of Aerospace

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